Long time no hear…

So have not updated things for a while. Well it was an interesting few years. Now latest focus in my life has become Xamarin Forms Mobile development and Unity3D development. One is professional and one is for personal growth reasons as well as potentially professional benefit.

With the imminent release of Visual Studio 2019 in April 2019 and Unity3D 2019 I am curious how these tools will develop to help developers work more efficiently. With Xamarin Forms 4 just around the corner as well and fast paced releases of Xamarin Forms 3.X versions one can find it a bit overwhelming at times trying to keep abreast of latest features. I guess being a developer has never been harder but also most exciting.

Alas I won’t bore people with details but I will try to work on new projects and of course share more of things that I discover along the way.

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