IE 9 Search plugin download – where is Google and others?

I am sure lots of people have come across this issue but alas one more post may help some poor lost soul. IE9 has some nice features and some bad ones. One of the “victims” of company wars are things like default values or difficult access to alter settings. IE9 is no exception with Microsoft choosing to default everything to BING. For those who want another search provider have to use the manage add-ons options to find alterntive search providers.

This is where a problem can appear. If you happen to use Windows that use non US settings eg. AU you may not see alternative searchprovider on the list. Heck the Australian list of search providers offers Bing like in the image captured even today:

default search non US

So to solve this problem and see many, many more search provider options for IE9 we must either change settings to tell IE9 we want US or simply change the URL we show up so that instead of we go to (note the country changed from au to us). And now you can pick from a “slightly large list of options!



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