no talloc stackframe at ../source3/param/loadparm.c:4864, leaking memory

If you come across this error: no talloc stackframe at ../source3/param/loadparm.c:4864, leaking memory It seems to happen on Ubuntu 12.04 and does not seem to be related to whether ti is a new install or upgrade, there appears to be a kind of solution (this will limit your password synchronization via Samba once done), and […]

Write issue via Samba from Windows

I found this command at times solves issue when nothing seems to work when configuring Samba on Linux to allow Windows users to write to shares. The command is: setsebool -P samba_export_all_rw=1 Now I have to work out if this commnd has side effects against security but for my purposes at the moment this is […]

Clean up Ubuntu boot partition

If you find that /boot in your Ubuntu is full of you can clean up all old versions with following command:   sudo apt-get remove –purge $(dpkg -l ‘linux-*’ | sed ‘/^ii/!d;/'”$(uname -r | sed “s/\(.*\)-\([^0-9]\+\)/\1/”)”‘/d;s/^[^ ]* [^ ]* \([^ ]*\).*/\1/;/[0-9]/!d’)   Another command may work for others:   dpkg -l linux-{image,headers}-“[0-9]*” | awk ‘/^ii/{ […]